In an effort to improve the business of the private sector, we collaborate with our clients to boost the strategic options available for them, starting with the incorporation stage and until the defining of the required legal form of the entity. Rule and Options works with its clients to organize corporates including all procedures and amendments to the legal documentations (Bylaws / Articles of Association). Moreover, Rule and Options offer well-suited legal consultancy services that is consistent with the business activities, along with the commercial objectives and purposes that the organization seeks to achieve inorganically through an M&A process.

Regarding Family Business, Rule and Options is delivering optimal legal consultancy services, preparing family charters and governance frameworks, identifying mechanisms for their sustainability and protection from risks, structuring family councils and their properties, drafting agreements that regulate the relationships between family business owners, developing succession plans for future generations, executing wills, supervising inheritance, and managing family endowments to assist with protecting family wealth.