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Base and options Law Firm and Legal Consultations is a Saudi company established as an extension of the success of legal expertise that works professionally with advanced standards and levels in providing various legal services that help business. practitioners to develop with the required efficiency according to the highest professional standards.

The company practices different scopes of work such as corporate law, as companies incorporation and transformation in all forms they take, governance of its internal procedures and setting the controls that regulate them, and bankruptcy law. Ut magna exercitation mollit dolor pariatur ea aute occaecat. Laboris exercitation do dolor commodo esse anim. Culpa consequat voluptate laboris veniam incididunt adipisicing sit.

  • Companies

  • Intellectual Property

  • International trade

  • Taxes

  • Labour Law

  • Commercial Agency

  • Telecommunication & software

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Our Practice Area


We work with our clients to improve the strategic options for companies in the stages of establishment, merger or acquisition, by choosing the best business models that are compatible with the activity to be practiced and the commercial goal it seeks to achieve, and our partnership with the client continues even in bankruptcy options such as business improvement models in hard economic conditions.


Out of our concern about the importance of the intellectual property of our clients, we provide them with the correct registration services and protect them from any invasion in order to achieve the highest growth in intangible assets.


Achieving our clients’ desire to expand, whether by direct or indirect investment in international markets, our keenness to organize all legal procedures that are commensurate with achieving clients’ investment objectives, whether by representation in negotiation with others or registration and so on


We own the best working team in tax law, we develop customized business strategies for clients with taking in consideration the legal effects of tax laws, our team also works to meet urgent needs and plan what awaits the client in the future


We seek with our clients to find the best legal ways and solutions through which the laborer is granted his full legal rights in a way that does not affect the client's interest, in addition to that we formulate contracts and regulations required by labor law, work on labor risk management.


Many clients want to expand through the mechanisms of commercial agency contracts, whether as an agent or owner of an agency, we seek through our partnership with our clients to select both appropriate legal aspects and form.


We meet the legal needs of the telecommunications and software companies in which the customer wishes to expand, we provide him with the best legal options required by local and international laws.


“The company seeks to provide, the best options that support the interests of its clients through the development of each legal base according to the highest professional standards, and provides unique services to clients, mutual commitment and cooperation for a true partnership with clients, legal capabilities with multiple specializations and majors in addition to common professional values that are based on clients' needs.”

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Our experience is embodied in:


1.   Litigation of disputes between partners.

2.   Unfair commercial competition claims

3.   Debt management and preparation of bankruptcy files for defaulted companies.

4.   Commercial lawsuits, especially those related to supply and contracting contracts, and contracts for logistic support and transpo

Commercial Business:

1.   Corporation, merger or acquisition.

2.   Registration of intellectual property of all kinds.

3.   Registration of commercial agencies.